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Fragile Items

We got a call from someone who had bought a piece of equipment online. This was a high value fragile item. The caller needed us to go and pick it up, pack it carefully, insure it, and ship it. This item also required some special handling with some disassemble. Buying online is a great way […]

Fulfillment – Helping Small Businesses

It is amazing how much warehousing and fulfillment can cost. It is nearly prohibitive for small vendors. We have the solution. We do not charge any up front, minimum, or storage fees. We only charge the cost of shipping. One of our customers ships about $2500 worth of product each month. She was working out […]

Crating, building a custom crate

Crating an item is necessary when the item needs extra protection or is of a high value. No item can survive a truck rollover. Fortunately those are rare. More common, yet still unlikely, is a forklift accident. Crating should protect against most of those incidents. This mirror wall hanging required extra care. If we would […]

Freight Shipping Palletizing

Freight Shipping items is done via special freight carriers and is quite a bit different from shipping through the standard carriers such as the post office and FedEx. For example we have this load going to Pittsburgh from a customer here in Long Beach. This will require freight shipping. Now this is not ready for freight […]

International Shipping

We like to say that we offer the best way to ship international because “best” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. We are waiting for some shoes to arrive in Nigeria right now, but back to that story in a minute. Now shipping international is expensive. This is most apparent to people who are […]

Do You Need Fulfillment Services?

People ask about fulfillment services all the time. There are a lot of very expensive warehouses here in the LA area that make a lot of money warehousing and shipping other people’s products. I know because we have visited some of those warehouses. The cost of getting into one of those warehouses is expensive. The […]

What’s Your Shipping Requirements?

We are about solving problems for people. Many times people will come in wanting to start shipping the stuff they are selling on line. They want to know how much to charge for shipping. Of course our first question is where are you sending it. And of course they want to sell many things to […]