Shipping Fragile Mirror

Crating, building a custom crate

Crating an item is necessary when the item needs extra protection or is of a high value. No item can survive a truck rollover. Fortunately those are rare. More common, yet still unlikely, is a forklift accident. Crating should protect against most of those incidents. This mirror wall hanging required extra care. If we would have just placed it in the box with some peanuts it would have been damaged in transit.

We examined the art work and decided to float it in the crate, meaning that it would not be depending on the packing for support or protection, even though we would add packing material in as an extra precaution.

building a crate, crating done right

Building a crate around a mirror

Capping the crating job

OSB for bottom of the crate

This kind of crating cannot be done with a standard crate. Even buying a crate big enough to fit this wall hanging would have cost about $400. We were able to build it for under $100. We passed the savings on to the customer. Floating the item in the box made the most sense because the edges were to delicate to support the weight of the whole piece. Once the piece was attached, which we did without adding any screws or holes to the piece, we added the layer of OSB which would become the bottom of the crate.

This piece is very large requiring us to not only create a custom crate, but will also require that we create a custom pallet to place it on.

We will get calls from time to time asking us to provide an estimate. We the only freight company that provides an estimate without having to call or email us. Sometimes people just want a quick answer that will give them some information before they decide whether to ship something. But estimating is just that an estimate. Some items may require special care or crating.