Freight Shipping Palletizing

Freight Shipping items is done via special freight carriers and is quite a bit different from shipping through the standard carriers such as the post office and FedEx. For example we have this load going to Pittsburgh from a customer here in Long Beach. This will require freight shipping.

Freight Shipping Boxes on a Pallet

Boxes fitting on a pallet

Now this is not ready for freight shipping, but you can see that this 200lb load is quite big. We will eventually strap it to the pallet and wrap it so that it is safe and secure. There are 3 boxes and the Post Office wouldn’t even take one of them individually because they weigh to much. We could rebox them and send several shipments through FedEx ground, but the end result is that it would be a lot more expensive. I am going to estimate that this load is going to cost the customer $550. That includes pickup, palletizing and delivery. This came from a customer in Long Beach as it is. We aren’t done because we have to decide whether to use the customer’s boxes or not. They look a little beat up. We may take all the items out and repack them or we may create a bigger box around these three and secure them within that bigger box.

There are a lot of things to consider when freight shipping.

Forklift access

Forklift potential problems


Another thing that concerns me is that this is furniture with some legs.  You can see where the pallet allows the fork lift to get under the pallet. If the legs poke through the  fork lift will tear them right off. We will probably want to reinforce the bottom to ensure the legs can’t poke through

boxes not ready for stacking

Stacking consideration pallets

Another thing we want to consider when freight shipping is that this pallet is not very stackable. Some freight shippers will do things on purpose to stop the stacking of their items. That is game that needs to played carefully. Loads can actually get damaged because of the stackability. If this was a high value item something greater than $3000. Then we might build a box much higher and move the items up in the box.We are going to build something around these boxes that allows other pallets to be stacked on top of it.

These are just some of the considerations of freight shipping. There are a lot more. That’s why people hire us to give the best way to ship their items.