What’s Your Shipping Requirements?

We are about solving problems for people. Many times people will come in wanting to start shipping the stuff they are selling on line. They want to know how much to charge for shipping. Of course our first question is where are you sending it. And of course they want to sell many things to many locations. That makes it really hard.

We worked with a company that sold bones over the internet from their own website. They were processing 20+ orders a day. They did not want to spend time getting pricing on each order, communicating that to the potential customer, and then finally selling and shipping the product. We analyzed their orders and determined that they should charge $10 flat shipping. Every day they would bring in the packages that needed to be shipped. We would create the labels and then send the tracking number to their customer and to them. Some packages would cost $5 some would cost $40. Sometimes we would send the package FedEx Ground, sometimes we would send it priority mail. This greatly simplified their work and allowed them to do what they did best. They went from a very confusing process to a very simple process. Everyone once in a while we would get an unusual package, maybe it was going international, maybe it was heavier and therefore more expensive to ship, maybe it required a lot of extra insurance. We handled those exceptions as quickly and as best we could. They were the exceptions and we did not try and change the quick process we had created to accommodate the rare exceptions. This solution is not for everyone.

The important aspect of this is that we created a solution that exceeded this customer’s expectations. I will be honest and tell customers that there may be a better solution for them than using our services. In this case the customer is getting the right service for the right price.